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Rabbi Zalman Partouche

Rabbi Zalman Partouche was born and raised in Montpellier, France. He left home to spend his high school years in Brooklyn, New York, Safed and Jerusalem in the Holy Land, and in Manchester, England.

At the age of 22, Rabbi Partouche graduated with honors and received his Rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical College of America. He also spent summers and holidays in outreach work serving a number of Jewish communities around the world, across the United States and France. 

At a young age, Rabbi Partouche held the seat of resident Rabbi for the Sephardic Beth Yaakov Synagogue in the popular French oceanside resort town in La Grande-Motte, France where many would flock to their vacation homes for the summer months. Rabbi Zalman is known for his warmth, charisma, friendship, care and depth of knowledge.

Rabbi Zalman Partouche met his wife Chaya in New York, and they got married in September 2018.  They are the proud parents of Leah.

Chaya Partouche

Chaya was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating with distinctions from Bais Chana Girls High School, she furthered her Judaic studies for a year in Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim in Jerusalem. She then went on to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Finance from Touro College in New York.

Chaya spent two years of internship in Greenwich, CT, where she taught in the Chabad Preschool and directed many of the Chabad activities. She then went on to teach in the Chabad Preschool in the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Chaya's leadership skills and creative abilities attracted invitations for outreach work in summer camps around the world, including Silver Spring, MD; Ann Arbor, MI; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Dublin, Ireland; Kalkaska, MI; Orlando, FL; Riverdale, NY and Southampton, NY communities. 

Her passion for education continued, with becoming Assistant Director for over five years to two different highly sought-after Chabad Preschools in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NY.

With their friendly approach and warm smiles, Rabbi Zalman and Chaya Partouche moved to Hollywood in September 2019 to permanently establish Chabad of Hollywood which provides social and religious programming for the Jewish community of the Hollywood area. Chabad of Hollywood is one of 43 new Chabad institutions in California opened in 2019 after their dear Uncle, Rabbi Tzemach Cunin OBM passed away at the age of 43.

Rabbi Zalman and Chaya are available at any time for questions or for anything which may be needed. Please don't hesitate to call 818.964.9428 or email chabadhollywood@gmail.com